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Previous Shows

We are keen to maintain this part of our website as an accessible electronic archive for anyone who is interested. You will find below a list of all of our shows, many of which were performed when programme details were recorded on paper and before the advent of digital photography.

Please contact us if you have any memories, comments or anecdotes about a specific show  that you would like to be recorded here and therefore shared with the general public.

Please contact us if you have any photos of Caramba's Revenge, Babes In The Wood, Pinnochio, Rumpelstiltzskin.

We have several old photo albums of previous plays and pantomimes, but unfortunately they are not labelled, so the current members are struggling to identify the show, character & actor. Please contact us if you think you can help.

Anthony & Cleopatra

January 2014

Set in ancient Egypt and not at all like Shakepeare's version this was a riotous romp through some ancient history with pigeons, pyramids, boats, bazaars, baddies, snakes, a magic lamp and deserts as well as a liberal sprinkling of very ancient jokes!

Directed by Angela Allen and with a dynamic cast belting out the songs it played to (mostly) sell out crowds and was probably the best panto of the year, if not of all time.

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Set in World War 2 this show was written & directed by Jo Crutchley. It was well received across 2 nights with many of the audience in period costume. During the interval a period buffet was served.

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Radio Times

February 2013

Replacing the Pantomime this year was an eclectic mix of song, dance, prose and music based loosely around a 1930's theme.

Inspired by the 'BBC Light Programme' the producers & cast skillfully wove their magic across 3 stages.

The audience were fed and watered as well as being entertained by a cast from 7 to 70 years of age.

Featuring a big band, news, current affairs, high fashion, songs & monologues of the era and the notorious 'Markham CanCan' the evening ended on the sombre note of the declaration of World War 2.

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April 2012

Our Titanic event lined up perfectly with the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic Cruise Liner. We provided an evening of entertainment punctuated with events unfolding at the Captain's table. A four course meal was served to all guests and performers. The guests were encouraged to arrive in period dress, appropriate for dining in the Ritz Restaurant onboard the Titanic. A few people must have shared a premonition of the looming disaster because there were several life vests and life buoys being secreted into the dining room.

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Knight Fever

January 2012

No prizes for guessing the finale song for this show! Knight Fever, the pantomime, was a new script with a great blend of classic business and up to date jokes. It was great fun to perform and we received some excellent comments from our audiences.

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