Knight Fever

January 2012

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No prizes for guessing the finale song for this show! Knight Fever, the pantomime, was a new script with a great blend of classic business and up to date jokes. It was great fun to perform and we received some excellent comments from our audiences.


King Arthur -Tony Bell
Queen Guinevere -Beth Gale
Princess Anna -Ruth Colclough
Merlin -Greg Morrall
The Black Knight -Bob Gale
Chardonnay La Fay - Angela Allen
Justin - Tesni Hill 
Dame Doris Dumpling -Mark Thornton
Lester The Jester - Mary Dainton

The Lady Of The Lake -Charlotte Crutchley

Sir Cumference -Peter Marshall

Sir Uptitious -James Calverley

Knights -Cameron Ridgway, Emily Holmes, Katie Whelan, Sarah Eakin

Chorus - Harry Allen, Fraser Ridgway, Billy Green, Sam Yates

Junior Dancers - Betsy Green, Phoebe & Abigail Cawthorne, Alyss Hill, Poppy Atkins, Tilly Fisher, Katie Gagg, Rebecca Matthews, Sophie Yates, Jess Cheetham, Georgina Alexander, Alannah Whittall.

Technical Credits

Director –Greg Morrall
Music Director –Angela Allen

Junior Dance Choreographer - Suzi Trigg
Production Manager –Bob Gale
Sound & Effects –Kath & Steve Taylor-Edwards
Lighting –Dave Richards
Prompt –Karen Jaques
Curtains –Stuart Eakin
Set Design & Painting –Jo Crutchley
Stage Construction -Darren Hill & team

Back Stage Muscles - Alex, Matt & Zak
Props –Kevin Micklethwaite
Costumes –Karen Marshall
Makeup –Jan, Jo & Charlotte
Front Of House & Refreshments –Elaine Lount & her team



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