April 2012

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Our Titanic event lined up perfectly with the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic Cruise Liner. We provided an evening of entertainment punctuated with events unfolding at the Captain's table. A four course meal was served to all guests and performers. The guests were encouraged to arrive in period dress, appropriate for dining in the Ritz Restaurant onboard the Titanic. A few people must have shared a premonition of the looming disaster because there were several life vests and life buoys being secreted into the dining room.


Captain Smith – Greg Morrall
Mr Ismay – Bob Gale
Mr Andrews – Peter Marshall
Mrs Harris – Charlotte Crutchley
2nd officer Pitman – Cameron Ridgway
Luigi (Maitre d’) – James Calverley
Ladies – Tesni Hill & Karen Jaques
Compere – Tony Bell
Dancing the Waltz & Rhumba – Kath & Steve Taylor-Edwards
Solo Singer – Oscar Conlon-Morrey
Monologue – Kevin Micklethwaite
Burlington Bertie – Mark Thornton
Music Hall Medley – Lee Smith
Monologue – Tony Bell & Paul Hagger

Technical Credits

Director & Producer – Karen Marshall
Music & Sound Effects – Kath & Steve Taylor-Edwards
Lighting – Dave Richards
Chef – Jo Crutchley
Waiters – M Brough, J Calverley, Z Henry, J Matthysz, A Ridgway
Waitresses – K Bowskill, A Crutchley, S Eakin, B Gale, E Holmes, K Hudspeth, S Hudspeth, R Sobieraj, K Whelan


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