Murder Mystery 2013 - Inspector Milnes' most difficult case

September 2013

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Set in World War 2 this show was written & directed by Jo Crutchley. It was well received across 2 nights with many of the audience in period costume. During the interval a period buffet was served.

When Mavis Bates is murdered in the Village Hall shortly before a big fundraiser the village is thrown into turmoil. Killed with the doctor's gun it soon becomes clear that there is a LOT going on in the village that one would not have at first expected. Summoned from Scotland Yard Inspector Milne arrives to try and make sense of the black market beef & scotch, the 'spy at The Camp', the secret code, the morphine, the sex, the adoptions and the dodgy farm deal before the final denouement.

The enthusiastic audience had a chance to crack the code themselves and interview the suspects during the 2nd interval before offering their opinion as to the identity of the murderer. Very few were correct!


  • Mavis Bates - Karen Jaques
  • Sid Ashton - Bob Gale
  • Reverend Vereker - Greg Morrall
  • Major Thomas - Tony Bell
  • Estelle Thomas - Charlotte Crutchley
  • Doctor Thomas - Mary Dainton
  • Joe Garbutt - Kev Mickelthwaite
  • Ivy Dorkin - Angela Allen
  • Frank Crawley - Mark Thornton
  • Jimmy Crawley - Cameron Ridgway
  • Inspector Milne - Peter Marshall
  • Constable Dudfoot - Joe Duane

Technical Credits

  • Writer & Director - Jo Crutchley
  • Costumes & Catering - Karen Marshall
  • Sound - Steve Taylor-Edwards
  • Lights - Dave Richards
  • Prompt - Kath Taylor-Edwards
  • Props - Kev Mickelthwaite

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