Anthony & Cleopatra

January 2014

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Set in ancient Egypt and not at all like Shakepeare's version this was a riotous romp through some ancient history with pigeons, pyramids, boats, bazaars, baddies, snakes, a magic lamp and deserts as well as a liberal sprinkling of very ancient jokes!

Directed by Angela Allen and with a dynamic cast belting out the songs it played to (mostly) sell out crowds and was probably the best panto of the year, if not of all time.

Cleopatra returned from a trip to see Boadecia in London to find her kingdom stolen by her 2 brothers (the Ptolemeys) with the assistence of Flatafoot & Hottapot the Royal Palace Guard. She turns to her handmaidens (Iras & Charmaine) as well as the Spirit of the East, Dame Fatima Fattypuss and the gorgeous Mark Anthony to recover the kingdom. Captured & sold into slavery she is taught to dance by Dame Lilliput before escaping by boat to be shipwrecked in the desert, build a pyramid and then turn the tables on her brothers, reclaiming her kingdom & marrying the hero.

The raffle & programme sales raised nearly £500 for our chosen charity - Framework.


  • Spirit of Egypt - Kath Taylor-Edwards
  • Ptolemy the Even Younger - Cameron Ridgway
  • Ptolemy the Absolutely Tiny - Harry Allen
  • Cleopatra - Angela ALlen
  • Charmaine - Jenny Taylor
  • Iras - Charlotte Cruchley
  • Dame Fatima Fattypuss - Mark Thornton
  • Flattafoot - Mary Dainton
  • Hottapot - Tony Bell
  • Julius Caesar - Greg Morrall
  • Herald - Sam Yates
  • Mark Anthony - Bob Gale
  • Honest Abdul - Kev Mickelthwaite
  • Madame Lilliput - Peter Marshall
  • Sheik Rattle-n-Roll - Greg Morrall
  • Architect - Joe Duane
  • Chorus - Cat Gardham, Fraser Ridgway, Kathryn Daly, Ralph Whittall, James Thacker, Sam Yates, Joe DUane, Kev Mickelthwaite, Cindy Bradley
  • Junor Dancers - Georgina Alexander, Julia Allen, Jessica Cheetham, Tara Duane, Beth Makepeace, Elizabeth Thornton, Penelope Thornton, Alannah Whittall

Technical Credits

  • Director & Choreography - Angela Allen
  • Director's Assistant - Greg Morrall
  • Costumes & Backstage - Karen Marshall
  • Set & Backstage - Jo Cruchley
  • Props - Kev Mickelthwaite
  • Sound - Steve Taylor-Edwards
  • Lighting - Dave Richards
  • Prompt - Karen Jaques
  • Make-up - Amanda, Cassie, Cindy, Karen, Kath.
  • Front of House - Darrell Dainton, Anna Critchley, Ealine Lount, Jo Gale, Beth Gale, Michell Bell
  • Ice Creams - Richard Jowett
  • Publicity & Graphic Design - Cameron RIdgeway

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