September 2014

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Written by Karen Marshall in honour of 'speak like a pirate day' this swashbuckling tale took the cast & audience across the world in pursuit of Cap'n Black's treasure.

What it was and how it was found can't be put here but if you came then you knew!

Set mainly in a West Country Port and on board 'The Black Heart' this sordid tale was also a mystery adventure where the audience had to try & guess what 'the Treasure' was and where it was. The were few successes (Arghhhh).

The were sultry islanders, drunken pirates and a very noisy parrot. Lots of quaffing, some fighting and a grisly murder plus the appearance of the ghost of Captain Black.

Both nights were a sell out with the catering and bar much appreciated by the piratical crowd.


  • Captain ‘the baddest’ Bad Black - Peter Marshall
  • Captain Tristrum Sebastian Posh - Mark Thornton
  • Captain Barry ‘Thrust ‘n’ Parry - Tony Bell
  • Captain ‘you serve them, I’ll drink ‘em’ Rum - Kevin Mickelthwaite
  • Captain Mac ‘the knife’ Morgan - Joe Duane
  • Captain Fred ‘thieving git’ Flynn - Greg Morrall
  • Nancy - Angela Allen
  • Roger the Cabin Boy - Mary Dainton
  • 1st Mate - Cameron Ridgway
  • Kate - Cat Gardham
  • Sue - Jenny Taylor
  • Pearl - Charoltte Cruchley
  • Islanders - Karen Jaques & Cindy Bradley

Technical Credits

  • Writer / Director / Costumes - Karen Marshall
  • Sound - Steve Taylor-Edwards
  • Lighting - Dave Richards
  • Set / Backstage / Catering - Jo Cruchley
  • Props / Ship - Kev Mickelthwaite
  • Publicity & Graphic Design - Cameron RIdgeway

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