Dick Whittington

January 2019

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Played at East Markham Friday 25th Evening then Saturday 26th Jan Matinee and Evening.  Moved to Dunham Village hall for 2 x performances on Saturday 2nd Feb 2019.

Dick must fight off evil King Rat and his Rat pack with the aid of his trusty Pussy, his Fairy, Bow Bella and all the rest of the usual supects including Sherry Trifle (the Dame) and Idle Jack!

Poor weary dick arrives in London jobless and lonely! A little intervention from his trusty Fairy, Bow Bella soon rectifies this and Dick finds himself with a friend, a love interest and a job! Surely destined for Lord Mayor ship? Not if Frankie Binatra AKA King Rat has anything to do with it! His first plot sees Dick on the run from a devilishly efficient team of special constables!

In the meantime, Dame Sherry Trifle is on a quest to find love and has a particularly dashing French ship’s Captain, Rock Eel in her sights! The captain is very taken with this sweet treat, but must first sail to Morocco to deliver supplies to the Sheik for Alderman Fizwarren. What could possibly go wrong!

Bow Bella quickly thwarts King Rats first evil plot, but old Frankie soon spots another opportunity to sink the ship and brews up a dastardly storm at sea! Inevitably our illustrious hero’s survive and are washed up on the shores of Morocco where they meet Mustapha Leek and Mustapha Look the sheiks bodyguards and his pet Camel Jordan.

Twice defeated our dirty rat attacks Dick with a sword, only to be once again thwarted by Bow Bella's timely arrival with her magic sword! Narrowly avoiding being run through by a merciful Dick, King Rat and his minions change their tune and head to Las Vegas to pursue a career in song and dance! Dick and Alice are wed and Dick becomes Lord Mayor, the handsome captain gets a mouthful of Trifle and Alderman Fizwarren's business is booming! Just like a fairy tale, Happy ever after!



Dick - Ralph Whittal
Alderman Fizwarren - Tony Bell
Alice Fizwarren - Amelie Woodwards
Sherry Trifle - Dr Mark Thornton
Idle Jack - Mary Dainton
Fairy Bow Bella - John Mitchell
Dicks Cat, Shadow - Julia Allen
King Rat - Greg Morrall
Deano Martino, Rat Pack - Bob Gale
Slimy Davis, Rat Pack - Sarah Woodwards
Junior, Rat Pack - Alannah Whittle
Rock Eel, ships captain - Pauline Lindsay
Chips, First mate - Joe Duane
Salt, Ships Cook - Harry Allen
Pepper, Ships lookout - Fraser Ridgeway
Rose Seller and Mustapha Leak, Bodyguard - Jess Cheetham
Sweep & Mustapha Look, Bodyguard - Elizabeth Thornton
Donna, Sheiks Daughter - Karen Jaques
Shish, Sheiks Daughter - Sophie Mitchell
Londoners - Dee Abbot, Sophie Mitchell, Karen Jaques
Nick - Abbey Mitchell
Nack - Lara Bett
Paddy - Tara Duane
Whack - Penelope Thornton
Jordan, Camel - Richard Ballard
Athlete 1, Sheik - Kevin Micklethwaite
Athlete 2 - Mark Cawte

Technical Credits

Joint Director & Choreography - Angela Allen
Joint Director Kevin Mickelthwaite
Costumes Pauline Lindsay
Backstage - Kath Taylor-Edwards
Set & Backstage - Jo Cruchley
Set & Props - Kev Mickelthwaite
Sound - Steve Taylor-Edwards
Lighting - Dave Richards
Prompt & Raffle - Janette Cheetham
Make-up - Cindy Bradley, Angela, Liz and Linda.
Front of House - Darrell Dainton, Jo Crutchley, Anna Crutchley, Ali Seward
Backstage Helpers - Dominic Allen, Angela Allen, Bob Seward
Publicity & Graphic Design - Bob Gale, John Mitchell, Pauline Lindsey
Curtains - Mark Cawte
Photography - Dick and Joy Allison


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