June 2018

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The second outing for this lovely audience participating treasure hunt! Held in Dunham village hall.

Originally written by Karen Marshall in honour of 'speak like a pirate day' this swashbuckling tale took the cast & audience across the world in pursuit of Cap'n Black's treasure.  Adapted and updated by Peter Marshal.


Captain Black – Peter Marshal
Roger the Cabin Boy - Mary Dainton
Nancy – Pauline Lindsay
1st Mate – Fraser Ridgeway
Capt Posh – Mark Thornton
Capt Pigeon – Bob Gale
Capt Rum – Kevin Micklethwaite
Capt Parry – Tony Bell
Capt Flynn – Greg Morral
Capt Mac – Jo Duane
Capt Copper – John Mitchell
Kate – Sarah Woodwards
Sue – Suzanne Alexander
Pearl – Jessica Cheetham 

Technical Credits

Director – Peter Marshal
Costumes - Pauline Lindsay
Props - Kath Taylor-Edwards
Set & Backstage - Jo Cruchley
Set & Props - Kev Mickelthwaite
Sound - Steve Taylor-Edwards
Lighting - Dave Richards
Prompt & Raffle - Janette Cheetham
Make-up - Cindy Bradley, Angela, Liz and Linda.
Front of House - Darrell Dainton, Jo Crutchley, Anna Crutchley, Ali Seward
Backstage Helpers - Dominic Allen, Angela Allen, Bob Seward
Publicity & Graphic Design - Bob Gale, John Mitchell, Pauline Lindsey
Curtains - Mark Cawte
Photography - Dick and Joy Allison


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